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Explore the SW-180C: A New Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig for Sale

Explore the SW-180C: A New Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig for Sale



Searching for a versatile and efficient water well drilling rig? Look no further than the SW-180C crawler-mounted water well drilling rig. This state-of-the-art rig, mounted on a sturdy crawler chassis, is engineered to handle various drilling projects. Capable of drilling depths up to 180 meters, the SW-180C is equipped to work with a mud pump for rotary mud drilling or with an air compressor for DTH hammer drilling. With its 55KW diesel engine and wide range of applications, including water well drilling, geothermal well drilling, boreholes, farm irrigation, and agricultural irrigation, the SW-180C is the perfect solution. Let’s dive into the exceptional features of this top-quality rig.

180m Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Machine (SW-180C)

The SW-180C: Your New Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig

With the SW-180C, you can embrace the latest advancements in hydraulic water well drilling technology. Its hydraulic system offers superior power and control, ensuring efficient and precise drilling operations. Whether you need to penetrate hard rock formations or softer soil layers, this rig delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of drilling conditions.

Crawler-Mounted Versatility:

Mounted on a crawler chassis, the SW-180C provides exceptional mobility and stability. You can navigate through rugged terrains, remote locations, and challenging environments with ease. This feature enables you to reach water sources in areas that are typically difficult to access, expanding your possibilities for successful drilling projects.

Options for Tailored Drilling:

The SW-180C offers versatility in drilling methods, allowing you to choose between rotary mud drilling and DTH hammer drilling. With the ability to work with a mud pump, you can efficiently drill in softer formations using a circulating drilling fluid. Alternatively, utilizing an air compressor for DTH hammer drilling ensures optimal performance in harder rock formations, maximizing drilling efficiency.

Wide Applications and Adaptability:

The SW-180C is designed to cater to various drilling needs. From water well drilling and geothermal well drilling to boreholes, farm irrigation, and agricultural irrigation, this rig is a reliable choice. Its adaptability to different drilling projects makes it an invaluable asset for contractors, farmers, and individuals seeking versatile water well drilling solutions.

Invest in the Future of Water Well Drilling:

When searching for a new water well drilling rig for sale, the SW-180C stands out as a top-quality choice. Its advanced hydraulic system, crawler-mounted mobility, and options for tailored drilling techniques make it a valuable investment. Whether you require a truck-mounted water well drilling rig, a diesel-powered water well drilling rig, or an electric water well drilling rig, the SW-180C offers unparalleled performance and adaptability.


Embrace the future of water well drilling with the SW-180C crawler-mounted hydraulic rig. With its advanced features, including the ability to drill up to 180 meters in depth and work with mud pumps or air compressors, the SW-180C is a game-changer. Its suitability for various applications, from geothermal well drilling to farm and agricultural irrigation, makes it a versatile choice for professionals and individuals alike. Invest in the SW-180C and experience the power, efficiency, and reliability of this new generation water well drilling rig.