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Unlocking Exploration Potential with Our Portable Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

Unlocking Exploration Potential with Our Portable Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

Experience a new era in mineral exploration and geological research with our cutting-edge Portable Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig. Engineered with innovation in mind, this rig boasts a lightweight modular design that simplifies transport and deployment. Crafted from high-strength aviation aluminum alloy materials, it offers durability and reliability in the harshest terrains. What truly sets it apart is its lightning-fast penetration speed, ensuring that your drilling operations are not only efficient but also highly productive. Join us in revolutionizing your exploration endeavors.

300m Hydrogeological Investigation Core Drilling Rig (SC-F300D)

SC-F300D portable core drilling rig is suitable for core exploration and construction in different geological and landform environments. It is widely used in geological prospecting exploration, foundation engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering and tunnel belt engineering exploration. It is especially good at mountainous and forest land with complex terrain and inconvenient transportation. , Plateau and other areas of core drilling exploration.

Key Characteristics: Easy to access, fast to assemble/disassemble, high efficiency.

Lightweight and portable

Drilling capacity: HTW/NTW/BTW : 100/200/300m

Diesel Engine: 33KW Kubota

Modular design, max. weight of single unit is 180kg

Lightweight, 80% of machine frame made of high-strength aviation aluminum alloy materials.

Fast penetration speed, adopts thin-wall drilling tools, Low resistance, fast cutting speed