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What are the uses and characteristics of a down the hole drilling rig?

The purpose and characteristics of down-the-hole drilling machines:

  1. The purpose of a down-the-hole drilling rig:

DTH hammer drilling machine can be used for drilling rock anchor cable holes, anchor rod holes, blasting holes, grouting holes, and other drilling construction in urban buildings, railways, highways, rivers, hydropower and other projects.

SD-545 Crawler Blasting Hole Drilling Rig Built-in Air Compressor

  • Characteristics of down-hole drilling machines:

1). The down-the-hole drilling rig uses a diesel engine and a high-performance reducer as the rotational power; Using cylinders as propulsion power. The hydraulic system is omitted, so the mechanical efficiency is high, the cost is low, and the performance is stable.

2). Equipped with anti jamming protection, the motor is not easily burned out and the reducer is not easily damaged when the drilling tool is stuck.

3). Lightweight and easy to move, the total weight of the down-hole drilling rig is less than 500Kg, and it can be decomposed into three pieces, making it easy to move and mount.

4). Using a rolling carriage, the track is not easily worn.

5). The down-the-hole drilling rig adopts semi-automatic cloud dynamic disassembly of drill pipes, with high work efficiency.