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Our SW-280C crawler mounted water well drilling rig well received by customers!

Our crawler-mounted water well drilling rig has proven to be a top performer in the industry, having successfully drilled three water wells with outstanding results. Equipped with advanced technology and powerful drilling mechanisms, it easily penetrates even the toughest rock formations, reaching fresh water reserves deep below the surface. Its exceptional reliability and durability make it ideal for even the most demanding drilling environments. With its proven track record of successful drilling performance, the crawler-mounted water well drilling rig is a top choice for reliable and efficient water well drilling.

280m Mobile Water Well Drilling Rigs (SW-280C)

This is our SW-280C crawler type water well drilling rig, 280m drilling depth, 140~254mm hole diameter, could work with mud pump for rotary mud drilling, also could work with air compressor for DTH hammer drilling, high drilling efficiency, hot selling in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America Market!

280m Mobile Water Well Drilling Rigs (SW-280C)