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Rotary Piling Rig On-site Piling Test SR-825 for 25m Deep

SR-825 Rotary Piling Rig Piling Test Site – Special Piling Rig for Pile Foundation

Rotary piling rig is a specialized construction machine used to install deep foundation elements, such as piles, in construction projects. It drills into the ground using a rotating drilling tool, typically a hollow auger or drill bit, and then fills the hole with concrete or steel reinforcement to create a sturdy foundation support structure. These rigs come in various configurations, mounted on crawler tracks or trucks, to suit different project needs and site conditions. Rotary piling rigs are crucial in the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, and infrastructure projects, providing stability and support to withstand vertical and lateral loads. They play a vital role in creating stable foundations, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of various construction works.

SR-825 Rotary Piling Machine

Drilling Depth: 25m Hole diameter: 500~1500mm

Engine: 154KW Cummins Engine

Application: widely used in high-speed rail trestle piles, slop shield piles, photovoltaic power station foundation pile, piling for power grids, piling for civil construction, piles for retaining walls, micro piling projects.

We’re thrilled to announce that our client has successfully tested our rotary piling rig on-site, and the results speak for themselves! With precision, power, and unparalleled efficiency, our rig proved its mettle, laying the groundwork for success in construction projects of all scales.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to revolutionize the industry with cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to excellence. Trust us to elevate your construction endeavors to new heights!

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Revolutionize your construction projects with our Rotary Piling Rig! Designed for precision and power, our rig tackles tough soils effortlessly, ensuring flawless foundations for skyscrapers, bridges, and infrastructure. With advanced features like variable torque control and real-time monitoring, it adapts to varying soil conditions with ease. From urban developments to industrial complexes, our rig excels in any environment. Elevate your construction endeavors and experience unparalleled efficiency with our Rotary Piling Rig. Discover how it can transform your projects today! #RotaryPiling #Construction #FoundationExcellence

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