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SC-600L Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig: Unlocking Efficiency and Precision in Geotechnical Investigations

SC-600L Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig: Unlocking Efficiency and Precision in Geotechnical Investigations




Geotechnical investigations are critical for various industries, ranging from mineral exploration to engineering projects. To ensure accurate and efficient results, employing advanced and reliable equipment is essential. In this article, we will delve into the features and capabilities of the SC-600L Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig. With its ability to drill up to 650 meters using the wire-line coring technique and its suitability for BTW, NTW, and HTW sizes, this rig offers exceptional performance in geotechnical investigations.

Crawler Mineral Exploration Core Drilling Rig 300m~1400m (SC-600L/SC-800L/SC-1000L )

High-Performance Wire-Line Coring Technique:

The SC-600L drilling rig sets itself apart with its utilization of the wire-line coring technique, enabling seamless and efficient extraction of core samples while minimizing disturbances in the surrounding formations. With the incorporation of thin-wall drill tools, the rig reduces resistance and achieves fast penetration rates. This technique guarantees geotechnical professionals obtain high-quality core samples with utmost precision.

Superior 92KW Yuchai Engine:

Equipped with a robust 92KW Yuchai engine, the SC-600L delivers reliable power for demanding geotechnical drilling operations. The engine’s efficiency ensures optimal performance even in challenging terrains and harsh environmental conditions. With the SC-600L’s powerful engine, geotechnical investigators can carry out their work confidently and efficiently.

Versatility for Multiple Applications:

The SC-600L Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig finds extensive application in diverse fields. In mineral exploration, it becomes an invaluable asset for uncovering mineral resources such as gold, copper, and diamonds. Additionally, this versatile rig is widely used in engineering geological explorations, facilitating accurate assessments of ground composition and stability. Furthermore, geotechnical investigations for environmental sampling benefit from the SC-600L’s precise data collection capabilities, aiding environmental impact assessments.

Enhanced Efficiency with Low Resistance and Fast Penetration:

Thanks to the adoption of thin-wall drill tools, the SC-600L core drilling rig ensures low resistance during drilling operations. This feature minimizes energy consumption and optimizes the rig’s performance, allowing for faster penetration rates. Geotechnical investigations can be conducted efficiently and swiftly, saving valuable time and resources.

Stay Ahead with a Widely Trusted Manufacturer/Supplier:

Selecting a reputable manufacturer or supplier is paramount when choosing a geotechnical core drilling rig. Look for industry leaders with a proven track record and a wide range of drilling rigs, including the SC-600L. Partnering with a trusted manufacturer ensures product quality, excellent after-sales support, and access to spare parts and technical expertise.

Unleash the Potential of Your Geotechnical Investigations:

Are you considering investing in a geotechnical drilling rig for your projects? The SC-600L Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig offers unparalleled capabilities for drilling depths of up to 650 meters and is compatible with various core sizes. By leveraging its wire-line coring technique, powerful engine, and fast penetration rates, you can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your geotechnical investigations.

Find the Perfect Fit:

To explore purchasing options and experience the benefits of the SC-600L Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig, reach out to reputable manufacturers or suppliers. They can provide tailored solutions and assist you in selecting the rig that best suits your geotechnical investigation needs.


The SC-600L Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig is a high-performance solution designed to optimize geotechnical investigations. With its ability to drill to significant depths, employ the wire-line coring technique, and utilize a powerful Yuchai engine, it offers unparalleled efficiency and precision. Whether you’re conducting mineral exploration, engineering geological investigations, or environmental sampling, the SC-600L is a reliable and versatile choice. Partner with reputable manufacturers or suppliers to unlock the full potential of this advanced core drilling rig and elevate your geotechnical investigations to new heights.