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Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig/Core Drilling Rig/

600m Crawler Mineral Exploration Core Drilling Rig (SCF-600L )

Product: Crawler Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rigs
Drilling Depth: 650m/600m/300m
Drilling diameter: BTW/NTW/HTW
Coring method: wire-line coring system
Application: widely used in mineral exploration to explore for mineral resources such as gold, copper and diamonds, engineering geological exploration, geotechnical investigation, environmental sampling, etc.

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600m Crawler Mineral Exploration Core Drilling Rig (SCF-600L)

Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig Application:

It is mainly applicable to the drilling of solid deposits, engineering geology, shallow oil, natural gas and underground water, as well as tunnel ventilation, drainage and dam grouting.

Crawler Mineral Exploration Core Drilling Rig Main features:
1. The drilling rig is driven by full hydraulic pressure, the power head rotation is driven by axial piston pump and inclined shaft piston motor, and the mechanical two gears plus stepless speed regulation, with advanced structure.
2. The power head adopts the double-speed feed mechanism of the oil cylinder chain, which is stable and reliable in movement. It is equipped with a lateral translation mechanism of the power head. The mast uses the oil cylinder to lift and fall, which can slide as a whole, and can drill holes within the range of 0-90 °.
3. The hydraulic system adopts load sensitive control, with high working efficiency and large torsion.
4. The drilling rig is equipped with hydraulic trojan holder, hydraulic leveling outrigger, telescopic mast and other devices to facilitate rapid positioning of the drilling rig.
5. It is equipped with wireless remote-control crawler, which is suitable for various terrains, and controls the crawling of the drilling rig within a safe distance to prevent sudden danger.

Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig Technical Parameters:

Model SCF-600L
Drilling capacity BTW (m) 650
NTW (m) 600
HTW (m) 300
PQ (m) \
Hydraulic system Rated pressure (Mpa) 32+16
Cooling system Air cooling+water cooling
Diesel Engine Model Yuchai

4 cylinders

Rated power (Kw) 92
Rated speed (rpm) 2200
Power head Max. Torque (N.m) 1400
Max. Ratory Speed (rpm) 1400
Feeding stroke (m) 1.9
Through-hole diameter (mm) 95
Lifting force (kN) 240
Feeding force (kN) 120
Wire-line coring winch Rope capacity (m) 800
Lifting force (kN) 15
Lifting speed (m/min) 110
Wirerope diameter (mm) 5
Mast Full Height(m) 6.1
Drilling angle(°) 45-90
Slip stroke (mm) 800
Hydraulic Clamp BQ/NQ/HQ/PQ
Mud pump model BW160/10
Type Horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single acting piston pump
Stroke (mm) 70mm
Flow (L/min) 160,107,67,44
Pressure (Mpa) 2.5, 4, 6.5, 10
Crawler chassis Climbing angle(°) 30
Walking speed (km/h) 2
Dimension Transportation


Weight(kg) 4500


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