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120m Self-walking Water Well Drilling Rig for Borehole Drilling (SW-120M)

Product: Self-walking Water Well Drilling Rig for Borehole Drilling
Drilling Depth: 120m
Drilling Diameter: 90~230mm
Application: mainly used in big diameter water well drilling, agricultural irrigation well drilling, deep foundation engineering construction of large caliber cast-in place pile and construction of diaphragm wall and deep water well.

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120m Self-walking Water Well Drilling Rig for Borehole Drilling (SW-120M)


Product Introduction

SW-120M water well drilling rig is a self-walking mode small water well drilling machine which uses advanced hydraulic technology, top head driving, and it can work with both mud pump and air compressor. It is lightweight, efficient, multi purpose drilling equipment, which can use air, foam or mud rotary for percussive drilling according to different textures.

Main Features

  1. This rig adopts hydraulic system, large torque, high drilling efficiency.
  2. the propulsion and lifting use hydraulic cylinders to drive the plate chain transmission, large power, strong torque, powerful drilling in soil, sand, hard rock and other complex geological conditions.
  3. equiped with 35HP disel engine, powerful for drilling, convenient for using in the place with no electricity.
  4. equiped BW160 mud pump mounted on the rig, very convenient for using and transportation, saving labour for carrying.
  5. the tower assembly has a hydraulic compensation mechanism, the tower supported on the ground when drilling, with greater bearing capacity and higher stability.
  6. The front outrigger adopts a telescopic structure, which has a large span during construction and high stability of the drilling rig.
  7. this rig is hydraulic drive and four wheels self-walking mode, you can drive it immediately, no need use vehicle to tow it, very convenient for moving and transportation.


This rig is widely used in drilling water wells, boreholes, farm irrigation, geothermal air-condition holes, agricultural irrigation wells, rural poverty relief wells, civil draft wells, ground source heat pump wells.

Technical data:

Drilling depth(m) 0-120m
Drilling diameter(mm) 90—230mm
Working pressure(Mpa) 1.05-2.0
Air consumption(m³/min) 15–18
Impact frequency(Hz) 1200-1500
For rock(f) 6-12
Diesel engine Power(HP) 35
Walking speed (km/h) 0-20
Ground clearance(mm) 240
System pressure (Mpa) 20
Feeding force (tonf) 3.0
Lifting force (tonf) 5.0
Rotary speed (rpm) 0~105
Rotary torque (N.m) 1200
Dimension(L * W * H)(mm) 3000*1550*2000
Total Weight(kg) 1500
Note: The Company’s products continued to improve; various design and technical specifications may change at any time, without any additional notice or obligation.
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