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SAH-6M SAH-15M SAH-30M High Lift Anchor Drilling Rig 70m

Product: High Lift Anchor Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 70m
Drilling diameter :50-300mm diameter

Lifting height: 6m, 15m, 30m
Drilling method: DTH hammer drilling, auger drilling
Application: high slope support anchoring, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, deep foundation pit, soil nailing, open pit blasthole drilling, rock drilling.

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SAH-6M SAH-15M SAH-30M High Lift Anchor Drilling Rig

It is mainly used in landslide and dangerous rock anchoring projects in tunnels, railways, highway slopes and other kinds of geology, especially for high slope rock anchoring projects. Drilling operations consume less manpower and material resources, have high construction efficiency and high safety factor.

High Lift Anchor Drilling Rig Main Features:

1. Suitable for various drilling processes, such as down-hole hammer drilling, pipe following drilling, spiral drilling, and drilling construction in various complex formations and different drilling methods.
2. Widely used in urban deep foundation pit support, anti floating anchor bolts, foundation grouting and reinforcement engineering holes, high-pressure jet grouting piles, etc.
3. Simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving, with a lifting height of up to 50 meters, speeding up project construction and shortening project time.
4. The drilling system has added an aerial operation platform, enabling drilling operation control to be operated on the platform, including functions such as lifting, rotating, luffing of the boom, adjusting the platform angle, and drilling and lifting of the drill pipe.

5. The drill floor can rotate in 360 ° horizontal, inclined, and vertical directions, and can drill horizontally, obliquely, and vertically.

6. The cab has a wide view, and is convenient and reliable to operate.
7. High strength manganese steel plate boom, hydraulic synchronous telescoping, multi-angle rotation, applicability, stability, and high efficiency.
8. The engineering track has excellent material and long wear and compression resistance service life.
9. Fully automatic hydraulic telescopic outrigger, joystick operation, easy to learn.
10. High quality turbocharged engine is selected, with strong power and long service life.

High lift anchor drilling rig equipment will definitely become the first choice for high slope support engineering.

High Lift Anchoring Drilling Machine Technical Parameter:









Width of crawler(mm)




Main arm

Double boom two sections

Double boom two sections

Double boom four sections

Drilling angle

Horizontal hole / inclined hole / vertical hole

Drilling diameter








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