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Integrated Drill Rig ( With Compressor )/DTH Drilling Rig/

SDA-46 Automatic Rod Change Integrated DTH Drilling Rig Built-in Air Compressor

Product: Automatic Integrated DTH Drilling Rig With Built-in Air Compressor
Drilling Depth: 35m
Drilling diameter :138-165mm
Air Compressor: 20m³/min Ingersoll-Rand
Power: 287KW Caterpillar Engine
Application: widely used in mining, construction, quarrying, and exploration activities for drilling blastholes, foundation holes, anchors, geothermal wells, etc.

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SDA-46 Automatic Rod Change Integrated DTH Drilling Rig Built-in Air Compressor

Automatic Integrated DTH Hammer Drilling Rig Features:
1. High performance & Powerful diesel engine and screw compressor for fast penetration rate.
2. Heavy duty feed beam feed system with cylinder, steel wire rope, pulleys and hose reel; the rotation system driven by double hydraulic motors; the carousel with 5 m @ dia 102 mm x 6 drill pipe storage; the auto rod / pipe handling system with cylinder positioning, rod / pipe removal & dual mechanical grippers; the dust collecting system, movable dust hood, drill rod / pipe thread auto lubrication, & hammer assistant removal system to fulfill fast drilling.
3. Reinforced tramming motor and chassis oscillation for maximum 3 km / h tramming, 25 degree climbing capability & high / low speed dual speed tramming in variety of terrains. Independent diesel engine preheating for various ambient temperatures.
4. Flexible control handles / levers in air-conditioned cab. Display and instrument panel for monitoring operational parameters. Automatic alarm / warning system and electronic indicators for precise positioning and better hole quality.
5. Powerful 2-stage dust collector equipped with 5 or 6 inch hammers for different applications.
6. The double hydraulic motors driven rotation unit for powerful and smooth torque output with stepless speed regulation.

Automatic Integrated DTH Borehole Drilling Rig Application:

SDA- 46 Automatic integrated DTH drilling rig (Down-the-hole drilling rig) is widely used in mining, construction, quarrying, and exploration activities. The primary application of DTH drilling rigs is for drilling holes into hard rock formations such as drilling blastholes, drilling holes for foundations, anchors, and geotechnical investigations in construction projects, drilling deep geothermal wells, etc.

Automatic Rod Change Integrated DTH Drilling Rig Built-in Air Compressor Technical Parameters:

Diesel Engine
Model C11 Speed 1,800 rpm
Manufacturer Caterpillar Fuel Tank Capacity 600 L
Rated Power 287 kw
Screw Compressor
Air End Manufacturer Ingersoll- Rand F.A.D 20 m3 / min
Working Pressure Max. 24 bar
Functional Parameters
Hole Range 138 – 165mm Hammer 5 or 6 inch
Hole Depth 35m Rotation Speed 0 – 105 rpm
Rod Diameter 102 mm Torque 4,310 Nm
Rod / Pipe Handling 6 + 1 Rod Length 5 m
Boom & Feed Beam
Boom Type Single Straight Boom Feed Type Cylinder Wire Rope
Feed Length 9,100 mm Travel Length 5,600 mm
Feed Extension 1,300 mm Feed Speed ( Max. ) 0.88 m / s
Feed Force ( Max. ) 34.5 KN Lifting Force ( Max. ) 67.6 KN
Tramming Speed High: 3 km / h Low: 2 km / h Traction Force 117.7 KN
Climbing Ability ( Max. ) 25° Track Oscillation ± 10°
Ground Clearance 420 mm
Weight & Dimensions
Width 2,500 mm Height 3,530 mm
Length 11,280 mm Weight ( w / o options ) 23,000 kg

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