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Mortar Spraying Machine Mortar Sprayer

Product: Mortar Spraying Machine
Spraying area: 130m²/h, 200m²/h, 260m²/h
Motor power: 4kw, 7.5kw, 9kw
Hopper capacity: 50L, 100L, 130L

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Mortar Spraying Machine Mortar Sprayer

Mortar Spraying Machine Mortar Sprayer Main features:

  1. High pressure air pump, uniform spraying, strong adhesion.
  2. Using a screw jet pump, it has sufficient power, long transmission distance, and powerful jet grouting.
  3. Independent electric box, one button start, protecting electrical appliances, durable and trouble-free.
  4. Equipped with solid tires, wet skid resistant, thickened wear resistant, and more convenient to move.
  5. Explosion-proof steel wire high-pressure pipe, with long service life, can withstand high-power spraying.

Mortar Spraying Machine Mortar Sprayer Technical Parameters:

Model 311 mortar sprayer 511 mortar sprayer 711 mortar sprayer
Voltage 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V
Conveying pipe 32# 32# 38#
Electric motor power 4KW 7.5KW 9KW
Working pressure 3-6Mpa 5-8Mpa 7-8Mpa
Spraying area 130㎡/h 200㎡/h 260㎡/h
Water:cement:sand 1:1:3 1:1:3 1:1:3
Hopper capacity 50L 100L 130L
Max. Feeding size 6mm 7mm 7mm
Weight 150kg 300kg 360kg
Dimension 1600x700x1000mm 1600x600x1100mm 1600x650x1100mm

Mortar Spraying Machine Mortar Sprayer More Pictures:

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