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SA-168Y Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig For Anchoring boreholes 100m

Product: Hydraulic Mult-functional DTH Drilling Rig For Anchoring & boreholes
Drilling Depth: 100m
Drilling diameter :80-300mm diameter
Power: Yuchai diesel engine
Drilling method: DTH hammer drilling, auger drilling, etc
Application: civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, slope support anchoring, deep foundation pit, soil nailing, open pit blasthole drilling, rock drilling, etc.

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SA-168Y Multi-functional Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig For Anchoring boreholes 100m

SA-168Y is high air pressure crawler open-air DTH Drill Rig, has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency, convenient field performance and transportation, the machine actions are realized by hydraulic system, only DTH hammer uses wind, so it greatly saves the cost for air compressor. The new type of rotary power head can supply and maintain strong rotary torque output during the blasting hole drilling construction. When this drilling machine dragging air compressor; they are flexibility, strong climbing ability, suitable for rugged field operation, and convenient for holes drilling.

The drilling rig has the advantages of high drilling efficiency, easy maintenance and high reliability. It is an ideal drilling rig for mining, anchoring, road building, water conservancy, power station construction and so on.

SA-168Y Multi-functional Hydraulic Drilling Rig Technical Parameters:

Bore diameter(mm) 80-300
Bore depth(m) 100
Max. rotation speed(rpm) 150
Rotary Torque(N.m) 4400
Mast compensation(mm) 1200
Propel speed(M/s) 0.6
Maximum propel(kn) 30
Maximum pull(kn) 65
Once promotion(mm) 3500
walk speed(km/h) 4
Chassis floating(º) 12
Chassis height(mm) 310
Climb ability(º) 35
Diesel engine Yuchai
Transport Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 6450*2280*2550
weight(kg) 7200

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