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Portable Core Drilling Rig/Core Drilling Rig/

1000m Lightweight Hydraulic Core Sampling Drill (SC-F1000D)

Product: Portable Type Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 1000m/800m/550m
Hole Diameter: BTW/NTW/HTW
Coring method: wire-line coring system
Engine: 4x33KW Kubota engine
Application: widely used in geological prospecting exploration, foundation engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering and tunnel belt engineering exploration. It is especially good at mountainous and forest land with complex terrain and inconvenient transportation, plateau and other areas of core drilling exploration.

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1000m Lightweight Hydraulic Core Sampling Drill (SC-F1000D)

SC-F1000D portable core drilling rig is suitable for core exploration and construction in different geological and landform environments. It is widely used in geological prospecting exploration, foundation engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering and tunnel belt engineering exploration. It is especially good at mountainous and forest land with complex terrain and inconvenient transportation. , Plateau and other areas of core drilling exploration.

Core Sampling Drill Features:
  1. Green exploration

The minimally invasive drilling technology is adopted, no road repair is required, the damage to vegetation and landform environment is reduced, and environmentally friendly mud materials are used to protect the construction site and the surrounding environment to the greatest extent.

  1. Compact and convenient

The lightweight modular design is easy to disassemble. More than 80% of the structural parts are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. A single module weighs up to 160kg and can be carried by four people, which is safer and more convenient.

  1. Reliable and stable

International high-end brand hydraulic components, system integration, high reliability, smooth operation. Capable of trouble-free operation day and night, each component is built to withstand severe operating conditions, allowing the rig to run more and require less maintenance.

  1. Safe and efficient

The mast-type drilling rig does not need to be operated on the tower, which increases the safety factor of the operation, and the hydraulic overload automatic protection device prevents accidents; the daily electricity uses 12V DC power supply, which is safer. Power group integrated control, constant pressure drilling, supporting thin-walled drilling tools, high speed, smooth cutting, fast footage.

  1. Advanced technology

The direct-connected drill pipe is adopted, and the whole hole is drilled with the pipe, and the undisturbed core can be taken from complicated strata such as complex broken stratum, easily collapsed stratum, bedrock weathered layer, etc., and the recovery rate can reach more than 97%, ensuring drilling quality.

  1. Cost savings

Quick entry and relocation, easy disassembly, easy installation, manual transportation through small roads, no need to build transportation roads, basic disassembly and assembly can be completed in 1-2 hours, shortening the exploration period, drilling rig installation only needs 4×4 meters of land, saving infrastructure for mining companies and management costs.

Core Drilling Exploration Machine ‘s Fields of Application

With its high efficiency and easy assembling capability, SC-F1000D portable hydraulic core drill has been widely used in mineral exploration, infrastructure construction (i.e. railway, road and bridge, etc.), hydraulic and hydro-power project, tunnel exploration and geographical investigation. It works particularly well in areas with complex geographic characteristics such as mountain areas, forest and plateau. It is the ideal drilling rig when operating in hard-to-access areas, executing small projects, conducting initial investigations and working on tight schedules.

Key Characteristics: Easy to access, fast to assemble/disassemble, high efficiency.

Lightweight and portable

Modular design – The heaviest modular is 180kgs, can be carried be four persons.

Drill frame of mast type – Drilling from an angle of 0°to 90°, no tower is needed.

Light weight – 80% of the machine framework made of high-strength aluminum ally materials.


Fast transportation – No need for road and infrastructure construction

Fast relocation – Only 2 hours required to be ready for the next hole.

Fast penetration – 3times higher than vertical rig with a max. daily penetration of 150

meters and an average daily penetration of 70 meters.


All key parts are from the global leading brands, powerful,stable and reliable.

Integrated hydraulic system with no worries of leakage and malfunction.

Unique mud system and special mud materials to increase drilling efficiency and reduce


Lightweight Hydraulic Core Sampling Drill Technical Parameter
Drilling depth capacity HTW/NTW/BTW 550/800/1000m
Hole Diameter Rod Length 1.5m 96/75.7/60mm
Core Diameter   63.5/56/42mm
Drilling rig Feeding stroke 1.8m
Lifting capacity 150KN
Power head 1000 top drive
Weight 120kg
Dimension 2750x520x5200mm
Power engine KUBOTA V1505T, 4x33KW /3000RPM
Oil tank unit Capacity: 120L water cooling
Wire-rope winch Rope capacity: 1000m
Drill rod clamp holder Max. Drill rod size: PQ(PWL)

Holding force: 15,000kg

Mud pump unit Model: Botolini 100

Flow rate & pressure: 110L/min, 75bar

Working method: hydraulic

Size and weight Platform area/Module quantity 4m×4m
Gross/Maximum module 1550kg/180kg


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