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Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig/Core Drilling Rig/

SCF-8 Full Hydraulic Crawler Core Drilling Rig For Exploration and Prospecting 3000m

Product: Crawler Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig For Mineral Exploration
Drilling Depth: 3000m
Drilling diameter: NQ, HQ, PQ
Coring method: wire-line coring system
Engine: 276KW Cummins Engine
Application: widely used in mineral exploration to explore for mineral resources such as gold, copper and diamonds, engineering geological exploration, geotechnical investigation, environmental sampling, etc.

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SCF-8 Full Hydraulic Crawler Core Drilling Rig For Exploration and Prospecting

Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig Applications:

This full hydraulic crawler core drilling rig is an essential tool for exploring and extracting mineral resources from the earth’s subsurface. This powerful machine is used in various industries, including geology, mining, construction, and environmental engineering, to obtain core samples of rocks and soil. The rig’s hydraulic system enables it to penetrate deep into the earth’s crust, even in the toughest terrain. With its ability to perform both vertical and angled drilling, the full hydraulic crawler core drilling rig is a versatile and efficient solution for any project that requires accurate subsurface analysis.

Full Hydraulic Wire-line Coring Drilling Rig Features:

1.SCF-8 Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig, an up-to-date multifunctional product is a thoroughly new-type hydraulic core drilling rig developed on the basis of the market demand and the advanced techniques in the world. This hydraulic core drill rig is mainly used for inclined and straight holes drilling. It could be used for exploration and prospecting of geology, metallurgy, coal, nuke industry, hydrology, and other industries fields.
2.SCF-8 is suitable to be used in plains, hills, high temperature as well as low temperature places. The main machine is integrated in structure, which consists of self-propelled chassis, power, mud pump and hoist. It is wire-line coring, and at the same time it has the unique top drive function.
3.SCF-8 is excellent in performance, high in working efficiency, easy for operation and it can efficiently keep the operators from danger.

SCF-8 Hydraulic Wire-line Coring Drilling Rig Technical Parameters:

Power Unit Power 276 kW (370HP) at 2100 r/min
Drilling Capacity NQ 3000m
HQ 2400 m
PQ 1700 m
Drill Head RPM of Spindle Three Shifts/ Stepless Change Three 0-1250 RPM
Max. Torque of Spindle 7300 N·m at 170 rpm
1300 N·m at 1250 rpm
Spindle Diameter 121 mm (4.76 inch)
Max. Lifting capacity of Spindle 295 kn
Max. Feeding Power 152 kN
Capacity of Main Hoist Hoisting force (single wire) 120kN
Steel Wire Diameter 21.5 mm
Steel Wire Length 50 m
Capacity of Wireline Hoist Hoisting Force (single wire) 15 kN(bare drum)
Steel Wire Diameter 6.3 mm
Steel Wire Length 2800m
Mast Effective Hoisting Height 9.6 m
Mast Adjusting Angle 0°—90°
Drilling Angle 45º off horizontal to 90ºvertical down
Feeding Stroke 4700mm
Slippage Stroke 1100mm
Foot Clamp Clamping Scope 55.5-117.5 mm through hole Ф154mm
Mud Pump Type Reciprocating Pump Triplex Plunger
Model BW320
Stroke 110mm(4.3 inch)
Output volume 320,230,165,118 L/min (84.5, 61, 44, 31 US Gallons/min)
Discharge pressure 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0 Mpa (580, 725, 870, 1160 psi)
Others Weight 25000 Kg
Transport Dimensions (L × W ×H ) 8300×2400×3500mm

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Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig For Mineral Exploration And Prospecting:

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