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Percussion Drilling Rig/

SP-10A Cable Percussion Drilling Rig For Water Well Drilling 400m

Product: Cable Percussion Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 400m
Drilling Diameter: 500~2800mm
Application: mainly used in big diameter water well drilling, agricultural irrigation well drilling, deep foundation engineering construction of large caliber cast-in place pile and construction of diaphragm wall and deep water well.

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SP-10A Cable Percussion Drilling Rig For Water Well Drilling 400m

SP-10A Cable Percussion Drilling Rig For Water Well Drilling Introduction:

SP-10A cable percussion drilling rig is one of the most important drilling machine in the piling foundation and bore hole drilling. It can adapt various geological condition, especially for drilling hole in gravel and rock with strong adaptation. Meantime, percussion drilling rig has high pore forming efficiency and good pile formation quality.

SP-10A drilling rig is very popular in the market currently, all of its components are all installed in the trailer, like electric motor, drive motor, hoist, mast etc, integrate motion. The percussion drilling rig uses the crank-link mechanism to change the power’s gyration motion into alternating motion, through the steel wire rope to drive the hammer bit to do up-and-down motion. With the impact effect of the hammer bit’s free failing, to break the soil, sand, gravel or rock into pieces, and then use the slag tube or mud pump to clean the slag our of the hole.

Tubular bit has all kinds of diameters, the hole decides the size and weight of the bit. This tubular bit is very efficient in drilling soil, sand, gravel and rock layer whose hardness is less than 1000kp.

Solid bit has various shapes, but most of the shapes are “+” or “-” types. There are all kinds of sizes, the diameter of the hole decides the size and weight of the bit. This solid type bit is hard to break in drilling rock layer whose hardness is more than 1000kp.

The drilling way of percussion rig is to break the rocks into granular slag, though it is not as efficient as core drilling rig or screw drilling rig, but it is irreplaceable, for it can operate in the geological layer when other drilling rigs can not. In short, there is no layers that this kind of drilling rig can not drill, the drill speed depends on the hardness of the working stratums.

SP-10A Cable Percussion Drilling Rig Technical Parameter

No Description Specification
1 Overall dimension (L*W*H) Operating mode 9.30mx2.50mx3.11m
Pulling mode 9.30mx2.3mx2.81m
2 Gross weight 12000 kg
3 Bore hole diameter Φ500mm-Φ2800mm
4 Drilling depth 400m (with hole dia. 600mm)
5 Max. weight of drilling tools 8000 kg
6 Impact stroke 900mm, 750mm
7 Impact frequency 36-40/min
8 Electric motor 90kw, 980r/min
9 Mast height Single pole:8.5-9.5m;
10 Mast load capacity 50,000 kg
11 Hauling speed in highway 30 km/h
12 Hoist lifting capacity Pre-hoist 20,096 N
Post hoist 158,750 N
13 Winding drum rope specification and capacity Pre-winding drum 6×37-φ18 200-250m (levorotation)
Post-winding drum 6x19s+IWRC 200-400m (levorotation)
14 Wheel Wheel size 7.50-20
Steel ring size 20×7

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