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Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig/Water Well Drilling Rig/

450m Crawler Type Deep Water Well Drilling Rigs (SW-450C)

Crawler Type Deep Water Well Drilling Rigs
Drilling depth: 450m
Drilling diameter: 140-350mm
Engine: 103KW weichai engine
Application: water boreholes drilling, applicable for water drilling for water conservancy project, farm irrigation wells, geothermal air conditioner wells and other pile foundation projects and so on.

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450m Crawler Type Deep Water Well Drilling Rigs (SW-450C)

SW-450C crawler type water well drilling rig is efficient and multifunctional, which can be used for drilling wells, agricultural irrigation wells, geothermal wells and other types of wells. It is especially suitable for water intake projects in mountainous areas and rock formations. It is top head driving, both mud pump drilling and air compressor drilling. Adopting the newest model & advanced hydro technology, low consumption, large rotary torque, convenient hole deflection, our water well drilling machines are mainly used for well drilling in resource exploration and hydrology wells, civil use water well, agriculture irrigation.

SW-450C Crawler Type Deep Water Well Drilling Rigs Features:

1. Triple gear pump is adopted to ensure the durability and reliability of the oil pump
2. The designed composite boom is adopted. The boom has small volume, long stroke, double oil cylinder lifting force and large lifting tonnage of the drilling rig;
The drill boom is equipped with a limit device to protect the safety of the oil cylinder and ensure the work safety;
3. Each drilling rig is equipped with a baffle on the main boom to protect the oil cylinder; Each hydraulic oil pipe is equipped with a thickened protective sleeve to prolong the service life of the oil pipe;
4. This machine adopts excavator crawler chassis, with high off-road performance, and can also be installed on trucks, with stronger mobility.
5. Traveling device: equipped with new traveling motor and reducer, with long service life;
6. Hydraulic oil pump: imported from the United States, parallel gearbox design, oil pump separation, providing sufficient and reasonable power distribution. The advanced hydraulic system has unique design, simple maintenance and low cost;
7. The machine adopts large torque hydraulic motor power head and brand diesel engine, and the hydraulic control system adopts large diameter hydraulic cylinder. The brand diesel engine has a two-stage air filtration system protection, and can also directly use the clean air of the air compressor.
8. Hydraulic high outrigger, convenient for loading and unloading on the truck;
9. Dual system: could work with air compressor for air DTH hammer drilling, also could work with mud pump for rotary mud drilling.

    SW-450C Crawler Type Deep Water Well Drilling Rig Technical Parameters:



    Drilling depth(m)


    Drilling diameter (mm)


    Drill rod diameter(mm)

    Φ76 Φ89 Φ102

    Drill rod length(m)

    1.5m 2m 3m 6m

    Rig lifting capacity (t)


    Winch lifting capacity (t)


    One-time advance length (m)


    Rapid rise speed(m/min)


    Fast feeding speed(m/min)


    Walking speed(km/h)


    Climbing angles(Max.)


    Rotating speed(rpm)


    Rotating torque(N.m)


    Rig engine power(KW)


    Engine brand


    Working pressure(Mpa)


    Air consumption(m³/min)


    The penetration efficiency(m/h)


    High hydraulic leg stroke(m)


    Width of loading(m)


    Dimension (mm)


    The weight (T)


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