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Rotary Drilling Rig/

Hydraulic Rotary Piling Machine for Bored Piles 25m SR-825

Product: Crawler Type Rotary Pile Driver
Drilling Depth: 25m
Drilling diameter :500-1500mm
Power: 151KW Cummins engine
Application: widely used in high-speed rail trestle piles, slop shield piles, photovoltaic power station foundation pile, piling for power grids, piling for civil construction, piles for retaining walls, micro piling projects.

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Hydraulic Rotary Piling Machine For Drilling Piles 25m SR-825


Hydraulic rotary piling machine is a kind of large-scale construction machinery, which is mainly used to drill piles in the foundation of buildings, bridges, roads and other structures.
We are professional piling machine manufacturer, our rotary drilling rig working range is for 500~1500mm pile diameter and within 50meters depth, adopts pressurized drilling mode, high drilling efficiency, good pore-forming quality; equiped with heavy duty crawler chassis, reliable quality, flexible in construction, suitable for various pile foundation works.

SR-825 Hydraulic rotary piling machine are widely used in construction engineering because they can drill deep holes quickly and accurately. They are often used in foundation engineering, bridge construction, high-rise building construction, and offshore engineering. In addition, they can also be used for drilling monitoring wells, anchors, and soil nails in geotechnical engineering.


Rotary Drilling Rig Introduction:

1.SR-825 Hydraulic rotary piling machine adopt pressurized drilling mode, enabling rotary drilling depth is 25m. matching the different specifications of drilling tools, pile hole diameter range up to 500-1500mm.
2.It has high drilling efficiency, and After construction, It can quickly move to next worksite. flexible, convenient and efficient, is a national high-speed rail construction-specific piling machinery equipment.
3.This hydraulic rotary piling machine is applicable to soil, clay, fill soil, silt, silt layer, and some strata contain pebbles, gravel; widely used in high-speed rail trestle piles, slop shield piles, photovoltaic power station foundation pile, power grids, civil construction, new rural construction, municipal construction, landscaping and other projects.

rotary-piling-rig-sr825Rotary Drilling Rig Piling Rig Features:

1.Flexible: the whole tonnage is small, simple operating, moving fast, convenient transition, etc.
2.High returns: small investment, quick gains, economic advantages can not be replaced.
3.Technology patents: patent uses a unique technology to achieve a small torque but big power characteristics, thus achieve a small machine to drill big piling hole.

Model SR-825
Working mode hydraulic oil cylinder pressure
Drilling diameter 500-1500mm
drilling depth 25m
Power head max output torque 120KN.m
Rotary speed 10-50r/min
Main winch max lifting force 120KN
Main winch max lifting speed 70m/min
Wire rope diameter 24mm
Auxiliary winch max. Lifting force 30Kn
Auxiliary winch max. Lifting speed 50m/min
Wire rope diameter 12mm
Pressurized oil cylinder max press capacity 100KN
Pressurized oil cylinder max lifting force 100KN
Pressurized oil cylinder stroke 2500mm
Walking speed 5km/h
Max. Climbing angle 30°
System pressure 28Mpa
Diesel engine power 151KW, Cummins, water cooling, turbo charger
Working radius 4m
Diamension 11000X2800X3450mm
Total weight (t) 25T

SR-825 Hydraulic Rotary Piling Machine For Piling Foundation Construction:



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