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Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig/Core Drilling Rig/

300m Small Crawler Mounted Surface Core Drilling Machine (SCF-300L)

Product: Crawler Type Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine
Drilling Depth: 300m/200m/100m
Hole Diameter: BTW/NTW/HTW
Coring method: wire-line coring system
Engine: 33KW engine
Application: widely used in geological prospecting exploration, foundation engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering and tunnel belt engineering exploration. It is especially good at mountainous and forest land with complex terrain and inconvenient transportation, plateau and other areas of core drilling exploration.

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300m Small Crawler Mounted Surface Core Drilling Machine (SCF-300L)

SCF-300L crawler type multifunctional drilling rig is suitable for geological exploration drilling and geological engineering drilling construction. The slewing mast is compact and very strong, and the impact mast is mounted alongside it and can be slid into position by mechanical means. The drilling rig adopts engineering machinery crawler, remote control walking and frame lifting, the displacement and positioning of the drilling rig are very simple, and it has strong maneuverability.

Surface Core Drilling Machine Features:

⚫ The main mast of the drilling rig provides rotary drilling support, and the rotary drilling is carried out by driving the power head through the hydraulic jack, and rock samples or soil samples are taken, and traditional single-pipe drilling and wireline double-pipe drilling processes are realized as required.

⚫ Based on the latest technology, the drilling rig can carry out fully automatic standard inertia impact test (SPT), the sampling depth can reach 50 meters, and the SPT layer depth can reach more than 20 meters. The hammering frequency can reach 50 times/s, and the automatic counter realizes real-time Test records.

⚫ Telescoping winch tower system that can handle drilling tools from 1.5-3m in length.

⚫ The crawler system can be used for remote walking and lifting and leveling of the drilling rig. It has a high degree of mobility and flexibility, and can move freely on the construction site. Various tools can be stored on the drilling rig.

⚫ The drilling rig is compact in structure, easy to be transported by small trucks, self-crawling loading and unloading, short-distance transportation and long-distance transportation are extremely convenient.

⚫ SCF-300L soil sampling system can maintain the original state of soil samples, and can perform SPT and gravity detection tests at the same time.


– High pressure mud pump

– Mud mixing system

– Original sampling device

– Liquid wringer

– Track wireless remote control

– Fully automatic standard inertial device (SPT)

Core Sampling Drilling Rig Technical Parameter

Drilling depth capacity HTW/NTW/BTW 100/200/300m
Hole Diameter Rod Length 1.5m 96/75.7/60mm
Core Diameter   63.5/56/42mm
Drilling rig Lifting capacity 130KN
Rotating speed 0-1400rpm
Max. Rotary torque 2200Nm
Weight 1580kg
Dimension 2600x1200x1550mm
Power engine KUBOTA V1505T, 33KW/3000RPM

180kg/unit, 910x620x940mm

Operation unit Weight: 150kg

Dimension: 508x762x1010mm

Main valve flow rate:100L/min, system pressure: 17Mpa

Oil tank unit Capacity: 80L

Air cooling

Wire-rope winch Rope capacity: 400m

Drive motor: 160cc

Drill rod clamp holder Hydraulic control

Max. Drill rod size: PQ(PWL)

Holding force: 13,000kg

Mud pump unit Triplex plunger

Flow rate & pressure: 160L/min, 80bar

Weight & Dimention: 2x60kg 914x553x286mm

Crawler chassis Hydraulic drive, wireless remote control

Climbing capacity: 30°


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