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Anchor Drill Rig SA150Q For Deep Foundation Pit Support Engineering

Product: Hydraulic Mult-functional Engineering Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 150m
Drilling diameter :110-250mm
Power: 93KW Cummins diesel engine
Drilling method: DTH hammer drilling, auger drilling, casing following drilling
Application: anchoring boreholes, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, slope support anchoring, deep foundation pit, soil nailing wall, open pit blasthole drilling, rock drilling, geothermal holes.

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Anchor Drill Rig SA-150Q For Deep Foundation Pit Support Engineering

SA-150Q crawler-type hydraulic anchor drill rig is mainly used for anchoring, jet spraying, dewatering wells, soil nailing and other construction in subways, high-rise buildings, airports, ground source heat pumps and other deep foundation pit support engineering.

SA-150Q Crawler Anchoring Drilling Machine Main features:

1. Our anchor drilling machine is with full hydraulic control, easy and flexible operation, convenient shifting, good maneuverability, saving time and effort.

2. Anchor drilling rig’s rotary control panel can be closer to the working orifice, making it easier to observe the orifice condition.

3. The rotor of the anchor engineering drilling rig is driven by dual hydraulic motors, with large output torque and a lower center of rotation than similar products, which greatly improves the stability of the anchor drill machine.

4. The new angle-changing mechanism makes hole alignment more convenient, the adjustment range is enlarged, and the requirements on the working surface can be reduced.

5. According to the customer’s local special working conditions, the heat dissipation system has been optimized to ensure that the maximum temperature of the hydraulic system does not exceed 70°C when the outdoor temperature is 45°C.

6. This anchoring drilling rig can be used with special pipe-following drilling tools (drill pipe, casing, eccentric drill bit, etc.) to open holes in unstable formations with casing wall protection and conventional ball-tooth drill bits for final holes. The drilling efficiency is high and the hole quality is good.

7. The anchor drilling rig is mainly suitable for anchoring and supporting deep foundation pits. It can also be used for rotary grouting construction by replacing the rotary grouting module.

8. In addition to the crawler chassis, clamping shackle and turntable of the SA-150Q anchor drilling machine, we also provide users with optional accessories such as rotary spray modules. Users can add options when ordering the anchor drilling rig to make our anchor drill rigs more suitable for your engineering projects.

Commonly used construction techniques for anchor engineering drill rig:

  1. The three-wing drill bit drills and the mud is discharged. It is suitable for high-speed drilling of soil layers and other strata.
  2. Air down-the-hole hammer drilling and air slag removal. Suitable for rock formation and broken layer construction.
  3. The hydraulic hammer drills at the bottom of the hole and the mud is discharged. It is suitable for construction in strata with large water content such as broken layer and sand egg layer.
  4. Casing drilling.
  5. Combined drilling of drill pipe and casing.
  6. Single, double, triple rotary spraying, fixed spraying, swing spraying and other rotary spraying processes.

SA-150Q Anchor Drill Machine Technical Parameters:

Drilling diameter (mm) φ100-φ250
Drilling depth (m) 100-140
Drill pipe diameter (mm) φ76,φ89,φ102,φ114
Drill pipe dip angle (°) -40~90
Rotary output speed(r/min) 10,20,25,35,40,50,70,90,110,130
Rotary output torque(N.m) 7800
Rotary stroke(mm) 3400
Feeding stroke (mm) 1500
Rotary lifting force(KN) 65
Rotary lifting speed(m/min) 0~5(adjustable)5.5/15/21
Rotary pressure(KN) 33
Rotary press speed(m/min) 0~2.8(adjustable)11/29/40
Input power (Diesel Engine)(kw) 93 Cummins
Transport size(L*W*H)(mm) 5400*2100*2200
Weight(kg) 6500(kg)

The Foundation Pit Support Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig is crucial for ensuring the stability and safety of construction projects. By securely anchoring foundations, it prevents soil movement, collapses, and structural failure. This anchor drill rig’s precision drilling capabilities are essential for creating stable support systems in various terrains, safeguarding both workers and structures. Its versatility and efficiency streamline operations, saving time and costs while enhancing productivity. With the Foundation Pit Support Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig, construction projects can proceed smoothly and securely, delivering durable, long-lasting results. Trust in this indispensable tool to uphold the integrity and success of your ventures.

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