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Anchor Drilling Rig/

SA-200C Full Hydraulic Top Drive Multi-functional Drilling Rig 200m

Product: Full Hydraulic Mult-functional Anchor Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 200m
Drilling diameter :100-300mm diameter

Type: Tope drive
Power: Cummins 125HP diesel engine
Drilling method: DTH hammer drilling, auger drilling, casing following drilling
Application: civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, slope support anchoring, deep foundation pit, soil nailing, open pit blasthole drilling, rock drilling.


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SA-200C Full Hydraulic Top Drive Multi-functional Drilling Rig

It is top drive rotary drilling rig, full hydraulic and multi-functional, mainly suitable for the construction of tunnel pipe shed support holes and pilot survey holes, urban deep foundation pit anchor holes, grouting reinforcement holes, hydropower stations, railway and highway slope large-tonnage prestressed anchor holes or drainage holes, as well as ground source heat pump hole construction, and also for the construction of small foundation pile holes, hydrological well holes, and blasting holes.

The SA-200C drilling rig can perform percussive rotary casing drilling. In various complex formations such as loose overburden strata, gravel, sand gravel, soil and gravel, and gravel belt, the hydraulic top percussive rotary casing achieves arm protection effect, and the drilling efficiency is very significant.

SA-200C Hydraulic Multi-functional Drilling Rig Main Features:

  1. Drilling rig has been configured top hydraulic impact rotary power head which is Germany imported,multi-angle drilling, and excellent performance.
  2. Its drilling speed is faster a lot than traditional machine.
  3. Its top hydraulic impact power head could achieve impact, no need use air compressor, has no dull pollution.
  4. The unique casing drilling process can quickly carry out pipe shed drilling operations and complete risk elimination and reinforcement works.
  5. In complex condition, it can use double tube rotating drilling, in order to make hole stably and easy to slip casting.
  6. Suitable for various drilling technique and methods, it can effectively solve the difficult problem of drilling in loose overburden strata, gravel layers, broken strata, and silt and sand layers.

SA-200C Top Drive Hydraulic Drilling Rig Technical Parameters:

Drilling depth (m) 200
Drilling diameter (mm) Ф100 ~ 300
Drilling inclination (°) Up-down -90~20Left-right -90~10
Height of horizontal hole (m) 2.67~3.97
Top drive power head HB50A ; impact
power head output speed (positive and negative) (rpm) 28/55 ; 535(55/110)
power head maximum output torque (Nm) 12500 / 1900
Feeding stroke (mm) 4000
power head max. pulling force (kN) 65
Power Head max. feeding force (kN) 45
Diesel engine 6BTA5.9-C125, 2200rpm
Dimension (mm) 7440x2300x2710
Weight (kg) 12500

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