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Underground Core Drilling Rig/Core Drilling Rig/

SCU-4A Full Hydraulic Underground Core Drilling Rig For Mineral Exploration 550m

Product: Full Hydraulic Underground Core Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 550m
Drilling diameter: BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, BTW, NTW, HTW
Drilling method: mud drilling
Coring method: wire-line coring system
Application: widely used in mineral exploration to explore for mineral resources such as gold, copper and diamonds, engineering geological exploration, geotechnical investigation, environmental sampling, etc.

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SCU-4A Full Hydraulic Underground Core Drilling Rig For Mineral Exploration

The full hydraulic underground drilling rig SCU-4A is applied to the following fields: coal, metallurgy, geology and engineering, etc. It is used in the large-diameter gas drainage and the water injection hole of mine, tunnel and coal mine. It is also used in the large-diameter horizontal drilling surface engineering.

Main Feature:
1. It is separate in structure, small in size, light in weight, flexible in movement and convenient in operation.
2. The hydraulic pump is driven by explosion-proof electric motor through operating system, then the hydraulic pump enforces hydraulic motor to make drill head rotate, and at the same time, the movement of drill head is realized by oil cylinder & chain double speed mechanism.
3. Hydraulic chuck can satisfy the function of shackles and power-off protection.
4. The sliding and extending & retracting function of the mast makes it convenient for the bottom of mast to touches the ground or platform, thus the drill rig will be more stable.
5. The swinging arm and mast can do luffing movement, which satisfy the request of multi-angle drilling.
6. The range of spindle rotating speed is wide and the torque is large.

Full Hydraulic Underground Core Drilling Rigs Application:

Underground core drilling rigs are used in mining for mineral exploration and extraction, geotechnical engineering and civil construction projects to determine soil properties, and in the oil and gas industry to optimize the production of wells and explore new reserves, etc.

SCU-4A Underground Core Drilling Machine Technical Parameters:

Items Unit Data Remark
Rated rotate torque N.m 1440 When 490r/min
Rotate speed r/min 0-489-876
Lifting capacity kN 98
Feeding capacity kN 50
Electric motor rated power kw 75 Y280S-4-35B
Electric motor rated RPM r/min 1478
Feeding stroke mm 1800
Rotator rising speed Working mm/s 31.4
Max. mm/s 88
Rotator Declining speed Working mm/s 61.58
Max. mm/s 172.4
Hydraulic pump Main pump ERR100B Rated pressure MPa 28
Max. displacement L/min 148
Mid pump A10VO18 Rated pressure MPa 28
Max. displacement L/min 26.64
Rear pump A10VO10 Rated pressure MPa 28
Max. displacement L/min 14.8
Wire-line winch lifting capacity(single wire) t 0.8
Wire-line winch Speed (min) m/min 91 Wire-line Dia. Mm 6
Wire-line winch Speed (max) 240
Mud pump max displacement L/min 160 When 2.5MPa
Mud pump max pressure MPa 10 When 44L/min
Mast inclined angle degree 0-150 Continually adjustable
Drill Rod and drill capacity mm Dia.55.5*1500 BQ 550m
mm Dia.69.9*1500 NQ 400m
mm Dia.88.9*1500 HQ 250m
mm Dia.114.3*1500 PQ 150m
Dimensions of main machine mm (LxWxH) 3730x1200x1850
Total weight of main machine, power cabinet and power station KG 3500

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