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Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig/

250m Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Machine (SW-250T)

Product: Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Machine
Drilling depth: 250m
Drilling diameter: 100-500mm
Engine: 120KW diesel engine
Drilling method: mud drilling, DTH hammer drilling
Application: water boreholes drilling, applicable for water drilling for water conservancy project, farm irrigation wells, geothermal air conditioner wells and other pile foundation projects and so on.

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250m Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Machine (SW-250T)

1. SW-250T Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Machine is hydraulic power head drilling rig, it is a multifunctional, full-hydraulic, high-torque, water-gas dual-purpose hydraulic power head drilling rig that we completely independently developed. It is mainly used for drilling drinking water wells, farmland irrigation wells, industrial production wells, geothermal wells, hydrogeological wells, road and bridge engineering pile holes and other projects.

2. The structure of this hydraulic power head drilling rig is stable and reasonable. The power head on the top of the drill tower can maximize the verticality of the drilling hole. The operation is simple, the time to replace the drill pipe is short, and manpower is saved.

3. The hydraulic power head of the drilling rig has large torque and is suitable for large diameter drilling engineering. The large flow mud pump, air compressor and foam pump are all installed on the same chassis. According to different geological conditions, suitable drilling technologies can be selected, such as mud positive circulation, pneumatic down the hole hammer, hydraulic down the hole hammer, air lift reverse circulation, etc.

4. The drilling rig can be equipped with hydraulic truck crane, automatic loading and unloading drill pipe device, electric welding machine, generator, etc. as required by customers.

SW-250T Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Machine Technical Parameters:

Comprehensive overview
Hole diameter:100-500mm
Total Weight:12500kg
Drilling technology can be used: mud positive circulation, DTH-hammer, air lift reverse circulation, Mud DTH-hammer.
Truck Chassis Truck chassis brand: SINO TRUCK
Driving form:6×4
Drilling tower Truss type Drill tower load:20T
Operation: Two hydraulic support cylinders
Drill tower height:12M
Pull up-Pull down cylinder Cylinder-wire rope structure Pull down: 7T
Pull up: 15T
Second floor chassis Connecting drill rig and truck chassis Brace: Four hydraulic leg cylinders
Equipped with hydraulic lock to prevent leg retraction
Diesel engine Power:120KW
Type: Six Cylinders, Water Cooling and Mechanical Supercharging
Diesel Engine Monitor Matching Monitoring information such as speed, temperature and so on through diesel engine sensors
HoistZYJ1B Single rope pull up:1T
Hydraulic power head Revolutions:0-150RPM
AlternatorSTC-30KW Rated Power:30KW
Rated Current:72.2A
Rated Speed:1500RPM
Foam pump and oil filling device B-36EX1 Flow:42L/MIN
Improving the up-and-down efficiency of drilling cuttings, cooling and lubricating the impactor
Control box Integrated console
Lifting and boring tower, outrigger cylinder, lifting, lowering, power head clutch, power head shifting, etc.
Instrument: drilling tool weight gauge, system pressure gauge, etc.
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