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Trailer Type Water Well Drilling Rig/

150m Trailer Type Small Water Well Drilling Rig (SW-150W)

Product: Trailer Type Small Water Well Drilling Rig
Drilling depth: 150m
Drilling diameter: 75-200mm
Engine: 22HP diesel engine
Application: water boreholes drilling, applicable for water drilling for water conservancy project, farm irrigation wells, geothermal air conditioner wells and other pile foundation projects and so on.

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150m Trailer Type Small Water Well Drilling Rig (SW-150W)

This Water well drilling machine is especially suitable for geothermal drilling, farm irrigation , house yard, gardens and water well drilling, drilling diameter is 75~200mm, and drilling depth is to 150m. It also can be used in small building piling, like farmhouse or factory, with good working performance.

SW-150W Trailer Type Small Water Well Drilling Rig Features:

1. This small drilling machine occupies a small area (1 square meters), a height of 2 meters stand, the job can be installed in less than ten minutes. can be used at indoor and outdoor site.
2. The well pipe is fully enclosed, shallow layer has no leakage, can ensure the health and safety of drinking water.
3. Research and Develop by ourself, it breaks difficult problem that easy to drill and hard to disassemble.
4. All the lifting, loading and unloading drill pipe is mechanized, time-saving, labor-saving and easy to operate.
5. Light weight, energy saving. Low tower design, can drill indoor.
6. Patented product, unique design and simple drilling structure.
7. Easy to transport and can learn how to handle the machine in short time.
8. Can install PDC bit drill rock layer .
9. Assure easily operation and long life service life, free maintenance.

Trailer Type Small Water Well Drilling Rig Technical Parameters:




Mud pump rotary drilling

Drill depth

0-150 m

Drilling diameter

75 -200mm

Drill system and operation


Mud pump


Diesel motor power


Drill rod length


Drill rod diameter


Drill rod thickness


Stroke distance






Geology drilled

Sand, soil, clay, rock

Note: The Company’s products continued to improve; various design and technical specifications may change at any time, without any additional notice or obligation.

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