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Trailer Type Water Well Drilling Rig/Water Well Drilling Rig/

200m Affordable Water Well Drilling Rig Small Well Rig (SW-200WL)

Product: Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 200m
Drilling Diameter: 75~300mm
Application: mainly used in water well drilling, farmland irrigation wells, census exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration, and blasting holes.

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200m Affordable Water Well Drilling Rig Small Well Rig (SW-200WL)


Drilling Rig Introduction

The SW-200WL drilling rig is a newly optimized design based on the ordinary SW-200 type. It is mounted on trailer chassis with 4 wheels, folding type drilling tower mounted on trailer chassis, it can realize rapid drilling. Realize the transition and installation of the drilling rig; greatly shorten the preparation time of the drilling rig and the auxiliary time for closing the work after completion. It also improves the working efficiency of drilling tool replacement and reduces the labor intensity of operators. It is the most user-friendly model among this type of drilling rig so far.

Main feature:

  1. Drilling rig has hydraulic automatic feeding mechanism, which improves drilling efficiency and reduces labor intensity of workers.
  2. Using the clamping mechanism of the ball clamp instead of the chuck, the rod can be reversed without stopping the machine, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.
  3. The winch is equipped with a cage to form a double-sided support star wheel structure, which can withstand strong impact.
  4. The vertical shaft box is positioned with high-strength bearings to ensure that the gyrator has sufficient rigidity to cope with complex geological conditions such as gravel layers and pebble layers.
  5. This machine adopts a high-strength and high-torque clutch for a thousand-meter drill, which has a large transmission torque and completely avoids the phenomenon of clutch slippage during deep hole construction and large hole construction.
  6. The whole system is equipped with BW-160D mud pump, which has high pressure and large flow rate, ensuring the drilling depth and borehole diameter.
  7. The drilling rig is equipped with a mobile device, which can realize the front and rear movement of the main unit of the drilling rig, which is convenient for wellhead operation.
  8. Drilling rigand drilling tower mounted on trailer chassis, safe and convenient operation.

Scope of application:

  1. This drilling rig is a high-speed drilling rig and is suitable for drilling projects such as hydrological water wells, farmland irrigation wells, census exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration, and blasting holes.
  2. It is also suitable for various concrete structure inspection holes, river embankments, subgrade grouting hole drilling and direct grouting, civil water wells and geothermal central air-conditioning, etc.
  3. Alloy, diamond and composite drill bits can be selected for drilling according to the bottom layer.
  4. It can drill sandy clay and rock formations of grade 2-9.

Technical Parameters:

Model SW-200WL
Drilling depth 200m
Drilling diameter 75~300mm
Max. Open hole diameter 500mm
Drill rod 42,50,60mm
Drilling angle 90~75°
Diesel engine 22HP, electrical starter
Drill tower 7.5m from ground, folding type
Driving rod 59x53x4300
Drill rig weight 1950kg
Overall dimension 4300x1600x2800mm
Holding device Ball bearing type structure
Spindle speed 64,128,287,557r/min
Spindle stroke 450mm
Spindle trusting capacity 2.5tonf
Spindle lifting capacity 3.2tonf
Spindle max. torque 2400N.m
Max. Single line hoisting capacity 1800kgf
Reel lifting speed 17,35,75,151m/s
Wire rope diameter 12mm
Wire rope cubic measure 26m
Hug floodgate diameter 245mm
Hug floodgate belt width 70mm
Distance between drill and hole 400mm
Mud pump
Type Horizontal single urn twin-action
Displacement 160L/min
Max. pressure 1.2Mpa
Work pressure 0.7Mpa
Power device
Model ZS1115
Diesel engine 22HP, electrical starter
Trailer chassis
wheel 4

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