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SPV-385Y Multi-functional Photovoltaic Drilling Rig For Piling and Boreholes

Product: Hydraulic Mult-functional Photovoltaic Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 150m
Drilling diameter :90-400mm
Application: screw pile drilling, spiral hole drilling, rock DTH hammer drilling, screwing spiral rod, widely used in various solar photovoltaic power station construction, boreholes, micro piles, civil engineering, open pit blasthole drilling, etc.

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SPV-385Y Multi-functional Photovoltaic Drilling Rig For Piling and Boreholes

SPV-385Y Multi-functional Solar Pile Driver Main Features:

1.Using new type of hydraulic technology, low consumption, large rotary torque, convenient transportation.

2.The drilling machine structure is compact, while the mast has adjustable compensation function.

3. Reliable performance, high efficiency, suitable for operating conditions.

Multi-function Hydraulic Drilling Rig Application:

This rig is multi-functional, top head driving, could achieve rotary mud drilling, DTH hammer drilling, auger pile drilling, widely used for solar photovoltaic pile installation, PV solar pile ground screwing, air hammer blasting construction, water wells, micro piles, boreholes projects, etc.

SPV-385Y Solar Pile Driver Technical Parameters:

Bore diameter(hammer) 90-300mm
Bore depth 20-150m
Air consumption 10-26m³/min
Air pressure 0.7-1.6Mpa(medium)
Pipe diameter 76mm/89mm
For rock F=6-20
Bore diameter(screw) Max 400mm
Bore depth 0-30m
Screw pipe diameter 130-400mm
Once promotion 3200mm
Skid pitch 120º
Swinging angle of drilling boom Left and right total 50º
Swinging angle of skid Left and right total 40º
Rotation speed 0-110r/min
Host power 84Kw
Climb ability 35º
Dimension(L*W*H) 5300*1970*2620mm
weight 5800Kg
Walk speed 0-2.5km/h

SPV-385Y Solar Pile Driver Screwing Spiral Rod into Ground for Solar Power Station Construction:

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