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Anchor Drilling Rig/

SA-180A Full Hydraulic Multi-functional Anchor Drilling Rig 180m

Product: Hydraulic Multi-functional Anchor Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth: 180m
Drilling diameter :110-300mm diameter
Power: 125HP diesel engine
Drilling method: DTH hammer drilling, auger drilling, casing following drilling
Application: civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, slope support anchoring, deep foundation pit, soil nailing, open pit blasthole drilling, rock drilling, geothermal holes, high pressure rotary jet grouting pilot hole, tunnel pipe shed support.

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SA-180A Full Hydraulic Multi-functional Anchor Drilling Rig

SA-180A is full hydraulic power head type drilling rig, mounted on a crawler chassis, driven by full hydraulic system, which is the universal borehole machine for vertical hole or angle hole drilling. It can be satisfied with different drilling techniques and methods, so that, it has widely application to resolve all the difficulties during the drill work even in loose cover ground, broken area or gravel area.

It is mainly applicable to the construction of deep foundation pit support, foundation reinforcement engineering, and ground source heat pump holes in high-rise buildings, as well as the construction of large tonnage prestressed anchor holes and drainage holes in geotechnical engineering such as hydropower station engineering, railway, highway slope, etc; High pressure rotary jet grouting pilot hole engineering and blasting hole engineering construction in gravel stratum. It can also be applied to anti floating anchoring, indoor building foundation reinforcement, rotary jet grouting reinforcement, subgrade dam foundation reinforcement, landslide prevention anchoring, open-air quarrying blast holes, tunnel pipe shed, and other projects.

SA-180A Anchor Drilling Rig Main Features:

  1. Strong drilling ability, application widely, long feeding stroke, fast drilling speed, easy accidence handling, high drilling efficiency.
  2. Drill head is available to change speed by gear or hydraulic. Could achieve different drilling method, like DTH hammer drilling, casing following drilling, alloy rotary drilling, auger drilling, etc.
  3. Patent Design of telescoping system in output shaft will effectively protect drill tools, large drilling angle.
  4. Machine installed a hydraulic clamping & breakout system in order to automatic wrench the drill pipe and tools. Both assistant time and lobar intensity are reduced during the drill work.
  5. Crawler Chassis with turning platform system, make it easy and rapidly to move and get hole position.
  6. Using the reliable quality machine parts which are domestic and international well known brand, make the rig with stable performance and long using life.
  7. Our rig has level system (drill arm) is able to adjust mast in different angle and height without moving drilling rig. Specially for anchoring drilling in deep foundation basis.
  8. our rig can be optional jet grouting device, in order to drill enlarge head anchoring work, also could do normal single, double, triplex tube jet grouting drilling work.

SA-180A Multi-functional Anchor Drilling Rig Technical Parameters:

Model SA-180A
Borehole Depth(m) 180
Borehole Diameter(mm) 110-300
Drilling Angle(°) -10~90°
Height of horizontal hole (m) 0.6~2.1~3.0
Drill Head Rotary Speed(FR/RE)(rpm) 30/60;54/108;62/124;105/210;
Output torque of driver power head(N.m) 8500
Feeding Stroke(mm) 3500
Feeding and lifting(kn) 45/65
Engine diesel 6BTA5.9-C125
Electric motor Y225M-4/Y180L-4
Chassis model PD135
Overall Dimension (mm) 6500*2200*3000
Weight(kg) 8500

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